Friday, June 22, 2012


Boyfriend is just like a job for girls.
There are a lot of opportunities there if we search carefully.
Sometimes the job will come to us, but sometimes we have to look for it.
If we are lucky enough, then we will have our dream job, but the probability is very low.
On top of that, for those who put lots of efforts in their job, they will not be guaranteed to get what they are supposed to be paid.
If we are fortunate enough, then our hard work will  be appreciated then of course we will get what we pay, but it is really  rarely seen.
It is always better if a job hunter look for us than we look for the job ourselves.
If the job we found does not satisfy us or cannot reach the expectation we want, then it is the time to look for the next job.
Some people prefer to wait until they found the next job, whereas some people will straight away resign without bothering whether they will get a new job after that or not.
Besides, there are also some rigid people who are over indulged with their current job even though they themselves crystal clear that their current job is not that good, yet they are willing to stay. (How naive.)
So, changing a boyfriend is just like the process of changing a new job.
As long as you have not signed the confirmation letter, then you can leave whenever you want because you still have the chances to look for a better one.
If you are already an official confirm worker, then you have to give an earlier notification, and most of the time people are unwilling to change their job especially they have been working for years because they already spent many years in that particular job and it is not easy to start all over again.
Therefore, think wise before you choose the "job".
Do not choose the job that you are not fond to, choose the one you enjoy doing it.
If you chose the job which cannot bring you the future, then you have to take the action to "resign" and enroll with a new company again.